Yaayoo Farms & Export

Agriculture & Agricultural Export. Crops/Livestock and Fish Farming.



Manfacturing & Processing of Foods and Drinks for exports to all markets

Transportation of Agricultural Products in terms of Imports & Exports

About Us

The Yaayoo Farms & Export is an Export Trade Support Institution of the under the Yaayoo Group of companies responsible for the facilitation, development and promotion of the company's exports.

Yaayoo Farms & Export was established in 2008 as an agency of the Yaayoo Group of companies with the mandate to develop and promote local exports. Our focus has been to diversify local export base from the other unprocessed goods. Currently there are over 100 different Non-Traditional Export products categorised as Agricultural, Processed/Semi Processed and Handicrafts. Export Trade in Services is a new and recent addition to the non-traditional export agenda.

The Yaayoo Farms & Export is one of the biggest Seller and Exporter . Our customers are assured of products with that exceeds the industry standards and meets the required standard and premium quality product. Our local and overseas network gives us edge over the domestic supply chain and also gives us reach in the global market.

The Yaayoo Farms & Export, wholly owned subsidiary Company in Ghana has a good proximity to key markets in all over. Locally, our working centres in Tema, Takoradi and Kumasi gives us up-to-the minute information and control over the supply chain. The superior quality specification of our product and technical skill of our staff keep the Yaayoo Farms & Export at the forefront of marketing in the international arena.

What We Do

To Promote, Sell and Deliver products to both local processors and the foreign traders and processors. To take delivery of and to store products at its designated warehouses in Tema, Takoradi and Kumasi take-over centres

The Company is committed to innovation in its business processes and collaborates effectively with stakeholders to meet the social, economic and environmental challenges of today's business environment.

It is responsible for planning and arranging for shipment of foodstuffs to all destinations. It also involved in the preparation and presentation of shipping and freight documentations, through buyers' banks for payment. The exporting Department works closely with shipping companies, insurance companies and destination inspection companies in order to ensure timely  shipping of products . The shipping department operates from Accra, Tema and Takoradi.

The Warehouse and Port Operations (WPO) Department takes over stuff purchased by the Licensed Buying Companies (LBC) from farmers, warehouses the stock, organizes pre-shipment handling of products and undertakes loading of vessels for shipment.